BAM design.
Sons, brothers and fathers united by the same certainty.
That an object can have spontaneity
That there are worlds within things.


Two forces to drive it: one up, to reach the sky, one round, to circle the world.

These forces make it solid like a guardian, round like the time. Sentinel of a black and white desert, it is always in the present, and at the same time in memory. It is devoid of aridity, living in repetition, overlapping and blurring the seasons.

This is CACTUS.


Behind the carved face, beyond the solid legs.

In the width of a father’s shoulders, within an unfathomable and stern heart. Bound within dark walls and ill-concealed darkness. There is nothing, only the space you are seeking. It’s space, but not void.

This is TONIE.


Light like the leaf floating in the air, still – like the grass where it lays.

It was shaped by time, it is open to the world, unique.

It collects, shows, exhibits. That is what experiences do.

Like a falling, bare leaf, every scar visible, facing the journey ahead.

This is BUKAU.


Beyond the pungent smell, the sunny pastures, the low bellowing.

Beyond their names, their job, the time spent taming them.

Bent backs, curved horns, the heavy bell as their voice – unique, unmistakable.

You only need this to caress one, to breathe in their gentle souls, and to recognize their chant.

This is BOE.